Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Over the weekend I changed the oil and coolant. It was easier removing the left side floor skirt this time and re-installing it, practice helps. The oil change was definitely needed; the oil I removed was black crud. The coolant, on the other hand, was pristine, crystal clear, green coolant.

I also tested the turn signal beeper I made, using connections on the left and right front turn signal connectors (as suggested by "Travelin' Tim" on the Yahoo Reflex group).  It worked fine, but just wasn't loud enough; I need to buy a louder beeper.

I'm waiting for a replacement gasket (if I need it) and belt before I open up up the left crankcase to do the final drive oil.

The mileage was about 3100.

Since hurricane Irene is supposed to blow through this weekend, I probably won't be working on the scoot this weekend...

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