Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hmmm, it's not a scooter, but...

OK, I guess this is going to be my scooter and automotive maintenance blog.

Today I discovered that the driver side low beam lamp is dead on my 2004 Jetta wagon.  I perused the owner's manual for instructions on changing the bulb; they state that it's too hard for the owner, and you should take it into the dealer. What?!? They don't even provide a part number to enable you to easily buy a replacement on your own.

Well, crap! Fire up the Google. I found this article on changing the headlamp of a 2004 Jetta, but not a part number. So - I popped the hood, pulled the bulb, and looked at it. As noted in the article mentioned above, I removed the battery cover to give myself a little more room to work, and had to remove two plastic covers to get to the bulb: a large cover secured with two Phillips-head screws, and the smaller "snail-like" cover over the bulb assembly. Here's the latter:

Once this was removed, there's a plastic ring that secures the bulb in the lense assembly; it turned counter-clockwise (from the back) to loosen. Here's the bulb, with the ring visible at its base:

Now I could look at the bulb and get the part number:

OK - the "9007" is what you need when searching for a replacement. It's a single bulb for both the high and low beam.

I've ordered a pair of replacements, as well as a kit for buffing the lenses (which are very scratched and dull).  Yet another project....

Update: I put the new headlights in last night. $18 and no dealership visit.

The buffing kit is here, too, but that will have to wait for some free time.

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